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Eco Wastewater Concentrator

Are you looking to save money while increasing your productivity and efficiency? The Eco Wastewater Concentrator (utilizing the Culler Process) is here to help. Our completely enclosed system has no contact with the atmosphere, and it can greatly increase the capacity of your existing treatment plant or be used as a standalone wastewater treatment facility, saving significant processing costs and 40% of the build out (CAPEX) costs*. Plus, the output is both clean and good for the environment. With multiple US and International Patents, we are truly a brand new, one-of-a-kind technology that is bringing wastewater treatment technology into the 21st century and changing the way people think about processing municipal and industrial wastewater.

* Based on 1 MGD traditional biological processing plant

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Municipal Wastewater

The Sanitary Wastewater Concentrator is the perfect system for processing municipal wastewater by expanding capabilities in an existing wastewater treatment plant, using at a remote location to reduce loading, or installing as a stand-alone treatment plant.

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Industrial Wastewater

The Sanitary Wastewater Concentrator has multiple applications in an industrial setting, including animal processing plants and in the fracking industry.

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